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Welcome to Lane Wyrick's Official Website

Independent film & video producer Lane Wyrick creates unique, professional-quality Video, Film, and DVD productions using cutting-edge production and editing technology.

Lane Wyrick - Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Lane Wyrick - Director, Cinematographer, Editor


High Quality Productions
Working with top surgeons and doctors to create Surgery & Medical Video Produtions, to the inspirational feature length documentary, A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story, the relaxing and captivating 3 hour DVD XapVision Nature Scenes, and the Mid-America Emmy Award winning documentary The Nazi Drawings, Lane Wyrick is highly skilled in creating professional productions that are high-quality, innovative, and entertaining.

Lane Wyrick during production shoot

Wyrick is now the Director of Video Production and Editing at Quality Medical Publishing in St. Louis, Missouri where he travels the country creating productions of surgical and medical videos and events, deploying them on the web and DVD.

Recently he has made available all three major productions (The Nazi Drawings Documentary, A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story, and XapVision Nature Scenes) available for viewing in their entirety on YouTube and can also be seen on this website. He has also made available his short films and music videos for viewing including Billy Idol - Wasteland (Music Video), Culture Shell, Hey Dude Move Your Trash, and Life is Eterminal.

He is involved in developing new independent productions that will be created in the near future - information will be posted upon completion.





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