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Lane Wyrick President of Xap InteractiveAs a highly skilled Final Cut Pro editor and an audio-visual storyteller with heart and inspiration, Lane Wyrick has extensive experience in documentary filmmaking and editing, and in creating professional-level productions for a wide variety of clients.

BACKGROUND: Lane Wyrick is a Film School graduate from the University of Iowa. During his college years, he worked extensively in 16mm film production and was the first place winner in the Midwest Regional Competition of the Student Academy Awards for his experimental film “Culture Shell”. He was also awarded the Princess Grace Foundation Scholarship for his 40-minute 16mm comedy “Life is Eterminal”.

After graduating with high distinction in 1990, Wyrick spent four years in Los Angeles working as a production assistant and in various other capacities on feature film productions including “True Lies”, “Man's Best Friend”, “Dead Connection”, as well as on several television projects, music videos and commercials. In 1994, Wyrick worked as head of an Illinois-based Multimedia & Interactive Design Department.

Wyrick returned to his hometown of Iowa City in 1995 and formed Xap Interactive, Inc., a digitally-based video, film, and DVD production company to offer a venue for his creative aspirations. Through Xap Interactive, Wyrick has produced a wide variety of projects including DVD-based touchscreen information systems, surgical procedure videos including live internet video broadcasts of surgeries, commercials, corporate videos and more.

In November 1999, Wyrick completed “The Nazi Drawings” documentary, which is the first major documentary by Lane Wyrick, who served as director, cinematographer, and editor on the project. The Nazi Drawings has won numerous awards including the Mid-America Emmy Award for Best Documentary, and Best Documentary & Best Director in the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, and was broadcast nationally on PBS in May 2005 (more info at www.NaziDrawings.com).

Wyrick also produced XapVision Nature Scenes - an original DVD production featuring nearly three hours of beautifully filmed, relaxing and engaging scenes and sounds of nature, which is being promoted to Childrens Hospitals, Hospice Organizations, Nursing Homes, and the general public (more info at www.NatureScenes.com).

And the new feature-length documentary “A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story"- a real-life exploration of Bill Sackter's emotional journey from lifelong institutionalization and abandonment to becoming a national hero for people with disabilities. Wyrick worked with Academy Award Winning Screenwriter Barry Morrow (Rain Man), who was also Bill's legal guardian, to tell this uplifting true story using actual film & video footage, and photographs of the real Bill Sackter. This has been a very rewarding and inspirational project by Wyrick who spent 7 years researching and producing the documentary which was started over 30 years ago by Barry Morrow, and it has won the #1 Audience Favorite Award in 5 consecutive film festivals (more info at www.BillSackter.com).

Wyrick has also traveled the country videotaping medical and surgery videos of top surgeons for major medical organizations, and edits the productions for online and DVD use for medical training for other surgeons. He created Mercy Hospital's first live surgery internet broadcast and uses his skills as a documentary filmmaker to provide professional production services on a variety of projects.

In January 2011, Wyrick became the full time Director of Video Production and Editing at Quality Medical Publishing, where he had freelanced for several years previously. Through this position he travels the country videotaping surgeries, events and other medical related videos that he then edits and produces on DVD and for the web. Outside of work he is involved in new creative projects while promoting his three main productions "A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story", "XapVision Nature Scenes" and "The Nazi Drawings".


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