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Lane Wyrick - Demo Reel & Other Videos

Lane Wyrick has been creating unique, professional-quality productions for over 25 years. Below are a few samples of the wide variety of productions he has been involved with as an independent producer of Video, Film, and DVD productions using cutting-edge production and editing technology.


Lane Wyrick - Current Demo Reel
The following is a sampling of the productions Wyrick has created through his company Xap Interactive, inc. since 1995.



Lane Wyrick - Bio Reel (2:19)
Providing a background on Wyrick's filmmaking roots, this video was created for a special screening presentation of "A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story".



"A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story" Trailer (3 min)
This is the official trailer of "A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story", an inspirational feature length documentary that has been the #1 Audience Favorite in five consecutive film festivals.



"XapVision Nature Scenes" Segments from DVD (8 min)
The following scenes are taken directly from the XapVision Nature Scenes DVD to give an idea of the quality and variety of nature on the nearly 3 hour DVD production.



"The Nazi Drawings Documentary" Trailer (1:30)
Winner of the Mid-America Emmy Award for Best Documentary and screend on PBS stations across the nation, "The Nazi Drawings" is a powerful and disturbing film showing the value of human life. CAUTION: THIS SEGMENT CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC MATERIAL



"A Walking Miracle - The Ponseti Method for Clubfoot Treatment" (14 min)
Dr. Ignacio Ponseti developed an amazing and highly effective treatment for children with clubfoot deformity. I created this 14 min. video for the Univ. of Iowa Dept. of Orthopedics as a way to promote his revolutionary method worldwide.

Director/editor Lane Wyrick had the great fortune to get to know Dr. Ponseti well - he was still helping children from around the world well into his 90's.

For those people thinking about having surgery performed on their child's feet for clubfoot deformity, watch this video first!!!



Additional Videos

"A Friend Indeed" Viewer Reactions at the Premiere (3:15)
S"A Friend Indeed" premiered June 7, 2008 at Hancher Auditorium in Iowa City to a crowd of nearly 1100 people. Hear the audience reaction to this very first public screening.



"XapVision Nature Scenes" TV News Story (2 min)
XapVision Nature Scenes is a relaxing and engaging three hour DVD of ever changing scenes of pure nature. This KGAN TV segment describes the production.


"XapVision Nature Scenes" Infomercial (20 min)
This production was created by Lane Wyrick and aired on television to demonstrate and sell XapVision Nature Scenes to the general public.









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