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Lane Wyrick created several film and video productions at the University of Iowa. Graduating in Film & Broadcasting in 1990, his films include "Culture Shell", "Hey Dude, Move Your Trash", and his senior project "Life is Eterminal".

Shortly after college, he moved to Los Angeles, where he followed his filmmaking working asin a variety of positions in the motion picture industry. While working at Digital Domain for the movie "True Lies", he had the opportunity to shoot a music video from a live concert of Billy Idol that was held for the employees. Wyrick edited this production to the song "Wasteland" from his Cyberpunk CD.

Wyrick is now pursuing more short film and music video productions in the St. Louis area as side projects (while working at Quality Medical Publishing fulltime).

See these various short films and music videos below:
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CULTURE SHELL- Short Film (5 min.)
In a world where everything is ordinary, neat, and precise, an individual falls through the cracks into a new world of experience. I created this short 16mm film at the University of Iowa in 1988 and it won first place in the experimental category in the Midwest Regional Student Academy Awards.


BILLY IDOL - WASTELAND - Music Video (5 min.)
I shot this video at a Billy Idol performance in 1993 at the Glam Slam West venue in Los Angeles. He had just released his Cyberpunk CD, and I was working at the newly formed Digital Domain.

We were having a company-wide celebration for our "Upstart" visual effects production house coinciding with the 1993 Siggraph (computer animation) convention. The evening event for our employees, set up by James Cameron, featured a concert by Billy Idol and they had me videotape the full performance. I had one (Canon Hi-8) camera and captured lots of great footage that night.

Six months later I finished editing this music video, but only a handful of people had a chance to see it before I moved back to the Midwest, so this video has been in storage ever since. Enjoy this rare look at Billy Idol during his Cyberpunk era.


HEY DUDE MOVE YOUR TRASH - Short Film (4 min.)
A guy dealing with a serious trash problem that comes back to haunt him, literally!

I created this film at the University of Iowa back in 1987 for my first 16mm production class. It was based on a real incident: I was living in the apartment seen in the video (albeit much less messy), and I took my trash down to an outside dumpster at nighttime. The dumpster was void of other trash and was very deep so I didn't give it a second thought.

As I walked back to my apartment I heard someone in the alleyway say "Hey dude, move your trash!". I ignored him, and kept walking and the figure from the shadows said "I said move your trash!!!" I walked into my apartment up to the third floor and forgot about the incident.

When I went down to the second floor later that night, I came to the realization that someone had climbed in the dumpster, taken out my trash and deposited it in the hallway on the second floor! Thus the inspiration for the film.


LIFE IS ETERMINAL - Short film (25 min.)
Two individuals struggling to survive in a crazy outside world as the walls crumble down. Follow their wild pursuits in the new "Tuckerville". Featuring a cast of eccentric characters and imaginative situations.

I filmed and edited this comedy back in 1990 at the University of Iowa as my senior film project. Now that I have two decades of additional editing experience, I decided to revisit this film and cut it down drastically from 40 minutes to under 25 minutes, and I think it works a lot better. Enjoy!!!








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Lane Wyrick's Short Films and Music Videos