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The Nazi Drawings Documentary

Lane Wyrick shooting a scene from The Nazi Drawings documentaryIn 1999, Lane Wyrick was approached by Phillip Lasansky to create a documentary about his father, Artist Mauricio Lasansky's series of powerful and disturbing works entitled "The Nazi Drawings"

Wyrick had been videotaping lectures at the University of Iowa Museum of Art and was somewhat familiar with the drawings, which had gained national attention in the 1960s when they were originally created due to their direct look at the victims and aftermath of the Holocaust.

He spent the next two years interviewing Lasansky and others, and researching the Drawings to bring the story to life.

In the fall of 1999, the premiere of "The Nazi Drawings" documentary was held at the Levitt Center for University Advancement in Iowa City. The reaction was stunning, with many people in tears and others in dead silence for several minutes after the screening, a reaction that would be repeated everywhere it was shown due to the power of the documentary in bringing out Lasansky's passionate plea against human violence.

See the full documentary "The Nazi Drawings" right here:
Caution: Contains some graphic imagery

"The Nazi Drawings" Documentary
Director/Editor Lane Wyrick - 25 min.

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Lane Wyrick wins Mid-America Emmy Award for The Nazi Drawings Documentary

Nazi Drawings wins Mid-America Emmy Award

The Nazi Drawings documentary won many awards, including Best Documentary and Best Director in the New York International Independent Film Festival and won a Mid-American Emmy Award as Best Documentary in 2004.


The documentary has been screened on PBS stations around the country and is now available on DVD at The Nazi Drawings website.


The Nazi Drawings Documentary on DVD


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