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Professional Surgery and Medical Productions

Since 2001, Lane Wyrick has been shooting & editing medical video productions working closely with some of the top surgeons and medical companies in the nation. He is now the Director of Video Production and Editing at Quality Medical Publishing in St. Louis.

Surgery videos by Xap Interactive

From the extreme operating room procedures like Belt Lipectomy, Lipo-Abdominoplasty, Brachioplasty and Full Body Contouring where large amounts of excess skin are removed from massive weight loss patients, to delicate pacemaker installation procedures, intestinal surgery procedures, facial injection and cosmetic procedures, to commercials, and DVDs and web videos for doctor training and patient information,  Lane Wyrick has traveled the country to provide excellent video coverage for medical clients.

Lane Wyrick filming surgery

Lane Wyrick filming surgery



Capturing The Details

Working with top-surgeons and national clients, Wyrick captures the fine details and overall procedures of numerous medical procedures, edit the productions in collaboration with clients both directly and through the internet, and has been entrusted with confidential material in a variety of hospital and clinic situations.

The following video was created by Wyrick for the University of Iowa Hospitals to capture and promote the world-renowned Dr. Ignacio Ponseti's Clubfoot Treatment Method. For over 50 years Dr. Ponseti had been practicing this non-surgical method to correct childrens' clubfoot deformity. Often shunned by the surgical community, his method has been proven to be nearly 98% effective in treating this deformity for the life of the patient while surgical methods have proven to cause long-term problems.

This 14 minute video is being shown around the world to enlighten doctors and the general public to this revolutionary treatment method with hopes to eradicate clubfoot deformity as a life-long ailment worldwide.

Dr Ignacio Ponseti - club foot treatment

The Ponseti Clubfoot Treatment Center

Mercy Medical Center

National Clients

Clients include Ethicon, Baxter, Gyrus-ACMI Corporation, Univ. of Iowa Hospitals, Medical Education Advocates (Georgia), Mercy Iowa City, Guidant, Iowa City Plastic Surgery, and individual surgeons across the East Coast & Midwest.

Quality Medical Publishing shoot

QMP - Practices for Office and Patient Safety video

Whether it’s web video, DVDs, video segments for PowerPoint presentations, touchscreen kiosks, or even live surgeries broadcast over the internet, Lane Wyrick has the experience to realize professional productions from start to finish.


Patient Information Videos

One unique production that can save valuable time and money in clinic situations is the “Patient Information Video”. Doctors often find that during the week they are repeating the same basic introductory information to patients before getting to the specific details of their case.

Laurie Casas introducing video

Iowa City Plastic Surgery Website

Dr Aly Aly - Body Contouring video

By capturing these initial instructions on video and having patients view their information video about their procedure (on DVD, on the web, or with a touchscreen kiosk), doctors can spend more quality time answering specific questions and know that the patients all have received the introductory information while they wait. This can save hours every week, and allow doctors to be more efficient and see more clients every day.

Lane monitors live surgery

Live surgery procedure

A Variety of Productions

The following production "A Basket of Many Handles" was created for Mercy Hospital System that showed the connections between all the Sisters of Mercy groups and services throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. Created in 2003, this video was used to educate staff and the general public about these connections.

Lane Wyrick
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