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In 2012, Wyrick has uploaded many of his film and video pieces in their entirety on YouTube, from his award winning documentaries "A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story" and "The Nazi Drawings" to his "XapVision Nature Scenes" production, and short films including "Culture Shell", "Hey Dude Move Your Trash", "Life is Eterminal", and his "Billy Idol - Wasteland" music video.

All of Lane Wyrick's film and video productions are now on YouTube

You can see all of these videos right here at LaneWyrick.com, or at Lane Wyrick's YouTube Channel. He is now in the planning stages of new creative projects, including short fims and music videos in the St. Louis area.

In January 2011, Wyrick became the full time Director of Video Production and Editing at Quality Medical Publishing in St. Louis, Missouri. After several years of freelancing with QMP, Wyrick is now in charge of creative productions from medical/surgical videos and events, taking all the video material and deploying it on DVD and the web.

Lane Wyrick has created a variety of productions for Drs. Al Aly and Albert Cram at Iowa City Plastic Surgery, from surgical procedure videos, training videos, and their television commercials.

Wyrick produced the first live internet surgery video to be produced at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City. Using multiple cameras and playback of a variety of pre-produced clips, viewers were able to watch the video around the world on their computers and send in questions, answered by the doctors live during the procedure.

Xap Interactive's Live Internet Surgery Broadcast

The second live internet broadcast of a more extensive surgery, a "belt lipectomy" procedure that Drs. Aly & Cram are famous for, removing the excess tissue and doing body contouring on people that have lost a significant amount of weight and have sagging skin.

The World Premiere of Lane Wyrick's first feature-length documentary "A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story" was held at Hancher Auditorium on June 7, 2008. With nearly 1200 people in the audience, the documentary received a standing ovation.

An audience of nearly 1200 people attended the world premiere of A Friend Indeed

Lane Wyrick, Barry Morrow, Tom Walz, Peter Bloesh, and Jack Doepke hosted the Q&A session afterwards.

A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story Poster

Since the premiere, "A Friend Indeed " has gone on to win the #1 Audience Favorite Award in 5 film festivals already at the Kansas International Film Festival, Hardacre Film Festival, Omaha Film Festival, Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival and the New Strand Film Festival.

Lane Wyrick speaking at The Arc's National Convention

It was also screened at The Arc's National Convention in Albuquerque, NM in November 2008 to a very appreciative audience, and continues to screen in many different locations.

You can find out more about the documentary "A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story", Buy the DVD, or even "Bring A Friend Indeed To Your City" through an innovative distribution plan that allows you to raise funds while screening this inspirational film in your city - just go to: th: "A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story website.

Lane Wyrick produced an extensive Safety Training Webcast for Quality Medical Publishing in the Spring of 2008. Featuring large web video and intricate text, this instructional production will be used by medical companies around the world to train their staff.

Lane Shooting Greenscreen Shot

Wyrick shot the narrator sequences in front of a greenscreen so the narrator could be seamlessly composited into the video.

Green screen shot for QMP POPs production

QMP is a company based in St. Louis, so the collaboration in the editing phase was done almost exclusively over the internet much like many productions are created by Lane Wyrick with major surgical companies.

During the Christmas Season of 2007, Lane Wyrick set up a booth at the Sycamore Mall in Iowa City to show and sell his XapVision Nature Scenes DVDs, featuring nearly three hours of scenes and sounds of nature. Here's the news story on it:

Wyrick was very successful and sold over 350 DVDs to shoppers who enjoyed the DVD firsthand.

Lane Wyrick created a :30 commercial spot for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital in the Fall of 2006. Featuring UI Head Football Coach Kirk Ferentz and his wife Mary Ferentz, the spot captures the essence of this world renowned hospital that is on the cutting edge of technology enabling them to save premature babies that until now would never have a chance at survival.

Lane Wyrick videotapes Kirk and Mary Ferentz for the UI Children's Hospital commercial

The Nazi Drawings documentary receives the 2004 Mid-America Emmy Award in the Documentary Category given by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Lane Wyrick receives emmy award

The Ceremony took place at the Hyatt Regency in St. Louis Union Station Ballroom on October 16, 2004, and represented talent from seven states across the midwest region.

Lane Wyrick with Emmy - closeup

The Nazi Drawings was qualified for entry into the Emmy competition for its two airings on Iowa Public Television during Holocaust Remembrance Month in 2003 & 2004.

UPDATE (May 2005): The Nazi Drawings has been picked up for broadcast on PBS stations around the country, and will be playing in many states over the next few months.

Check with your local Public Broadcasting Station for availability in your area.

XapVision Nature Scenes front photoXapVision Nature Scenes is now a full professional product. Combining 4 separate DVD programs into one "super-sized" DVD, XapVision is now nearly 3 hours with relaxing and very engaging, professionally filmed scenes and sounds of nature.


XapVision Nature Scenes features elegantly filmed and continuously changing live motion scenes of nature including horses, puppies, peacocks, flowers, time-lapse clouds, beautiful aquatic life, autumn leaves, frogs, squirrels, exotic birds, and much more...

XapVision was developed to create a more relaxing, elegant and stress-free environment for hospital waiting rooms, nursing homes, corporate lobbies, hotels, in-house television systems, etc.

New footage for the Bill Sackter documentary was recently uncovered by Barry Morrow and Jack Doepke. The footage includes scenes shot by Barry on B&W portapack when he and Bill returned to Faribault Institution, as well as photos of Bill when he was 30 years old in the institution.

Bill Sackter with top hat

Now several hours of original footage have been gathered for the documentary and initial editing on the feature length documentary is taking place.

Another great discovery was an unmarked audio cassette which was a recording from Bill's funeral, including Barry Morrow's eulogy.

Lane Wyrick completed a promotional video on the history of the Mercy Hospital system. The project was shot in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Iowa City and was presented at a hospital conference late October 2003.

Lane Wyrick videotaping at Mercy Hospital

The production, entitled "A Basket of Many Handles" featured newly acquired footage, photographs, original music, and interviews to tell the whole story of Mercy Hospital and its compassionate outreach to many different communities.

Lane & Angie Wyrick worked closely with Denice Connell from Public Relations in Mercy Iowa City to craft this 18 minute production that is now being put to wide use.

Lane Wyrick has been working with Minneapolis-based Guidant Corporation to shoot a series of pacemaker implant surgical procedures to create a training DVD for surgeons using their medical equipment. The DVD is being posted by Banyan in Minneapolis and will be completed in late 2003.

The Nazi Drawings documentary had its BROADCAST PREMIERE on Iowa Public Television at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday April 22, 2003 during Holocaust remembrance month.
The new documentary "Bill Sackter: A Special Spirit" which is the beginning stages of production was recently featured in an article in the Iowa City Press Citizen.

Also in June, new interviews were filmed of Dr. Tom Walz, Rabbi Jeffrey Portman, and Jack Doepke which will provide key storytelling elements to the documentary. Many new photographs, film, video, and audio tapes have been discovered featuring Bill Sackter. Learn more about "A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story".

Lane Wyrick completed filming of two new XapVision Nature Screen Systems discs. Slated for release in April 2003, one disc will be an entire underwater adventure featuring aquatic animal and plant life, and the other disc will display a huge variety of nature scenes, all shot in the beautiful Midwest.

Three geese for XapVision Nature Scenes

Wyrick spent an entire month capturing these mesmerizing scenes using a top-of-the-line widescreen digital camera rented from Hollywood, and is very pleased to be nearing completion of discs 3 and 4 for the system. Coming soon to a hospital waiting room near you...

The Nazi Drawings documentary will be screened at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art on Thursday, August 15 at 5:30 pm. A discussion with filmmaker Lane Wyrick will follow the event. For more information, visit the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Website.
Also, The Nazi Drawings documentary was featured in the University of Iowa Spectator Magazine Summer 2002 edition which is distributed to over 180,000 Univ of Iowa Alumni.


Other News and Updates

Lane Wyrick received the "Innovative Business Award" from the Iowa City Chamber of Commerce (Q1 2002) for its design of the XapVision Nature Screen Systems.

Xap Interactive receives Innovative Business Award

The awards ceremony was held on March 13, 2002 at the University of Iowa Hospital Department of Orthopaedics waiting room, where the first XapVision System was recently installed.

Lane Wyrick teams up with Academy Award Winning screenwriter Barry Morrow, to create a new documentary entitled "A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story".

Dennis Quaid Mickey Rooney Bill Sackter and Barry Morrow
The documentary will tell the true story of the life and struggles of Bill Sackter, whose story was popularized by the highly successful 1981 made-for-tv movie "Bill", starring Mickey Rooney and Dennis Quaid.


The Nazi Drawings documentary received several more awards. On February 23, 2002 The Nazi Drawings was awarded Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, and Best Soundtrack at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival, to add to its list of festivals and awards, including "Best Documentary" and "Best Director" at the New York International Independent Film Festival.



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