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XapVision Nature Scenes DVD

A magnificent array of ever changing scenes and sounds of nature that are both relaxing and engaging, captured by Lane Wyrick over a three year time period. XapVision Nature Scenes is used by hospitals, hospice organizations, nursing homes, daycares/preschools, as well as by hundreds of individuals of all ages. (www.NatureScenes.com)

(nearly 3 hours of scenes and sounds of nature)

"XapVision Nature Scenes DVD"
Created by Lane Wyrick - 2 hr 44 min.

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BACKGROUND: After seeing Lane Wyrick's award-winning short documentary "The Nazi Drawings", University of Iowa Orthopedics Administrator Paul Etre approached Lane Wyrick with a very different kind of production. Wanting to use technological innovation to create a relaxing waiting room environment, Etre first contacted Wyrick with the idea of creating a Virtual Fishtank that would play on a television display in the waiting room.

Lane Wyrick winning Innovative Business Award by IC Chamber of Commerce
Lane Wyrick wins Innovative Business Award from
the Chamber of Commerce for XapVision Nature Scenes

Wyrick felt that it would be much more engaging to have hundreds of different scenes of wildlife that would be continuously changing, and using only the natural sounds to make the production like a window into nature.

XapVision Nature Scenes DVD

Over a three year time period, Wyrick filmed a vast array of scenes from horses, puppies, kittens, time-lapse clouds, plants, scenery, exotic animals, as well as filming at two major aquariums to make nearly three hours worth of relaxing and engaging scenes.

Four original DVDs combined into one super-length DVD nearly 3 hours long

Originally created as four separate DVDs, Wyrick combined all four DVDs into one "Super-Length" DVD that would feature an endless variety that would play continuously without ever stopping. Wyrick has been successfully marketing the DVDs to hospitals, hospice, nursing homes, childrens hospitals, as well as selling the DVDs to the general public.

During the Christmas season in 2007, Wyrick set up a booth at the Sycamore Mall in Iowa City, and sold over 350 DVDs to people looking for a unique present, who had a chance to view the DVDs firsthand.

Wyrick now sells the DVDs at Craft Shows where they are an instant hit with many people purchasing 3 DVDs at a time, and he is beginning to make them available through resellers. (please inquire at Lane@NatureScenes.com if you would like to become a reseller of XapVision Nature Scenes).

XapVision Nature Scenes booth

The DVD is now available for purchase online at the XapVision Nature Scenes Website.

Hundreds of scenes and sounds of nature



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